What we do

Fashion Shoots

     Every women has that special outfit tucked away in their closet, you know the one that makes you look and feel like a runway model. Now is the time to break out those outfits and have a Vogue or Vanity Fair style makeover and photo shoot. Remind yourself why you purchased that special […]

Glamour Shoots

Our definition of glamour is derived from the golden era of Hollywood with a more modern and edgier look & feel. Our glamour shoots portray women in romantic and sexually alluring ways. Whether fully clothed or semi-nude, our glamour photography is tasteful, shot in the classic style of implying but never revealing. We take our […]

Boudoir Shoots

Our boudoir shoots capture a woman’s beauty in sensual settings, allowing you to let it all go and rediscover your feminine alter ego. Explore your inner goddess while we take you through a unique and personal experience. Your excursion in to the fantasy world of seduction and empowerment begins with our professional hair and make up artists who […]

Girls Day Out Shoots

Grab a few of your best girl friends and have a group photo session. Each person will receive a professional makeover and photo shoot. Which will include up to three outfit changes and multiple poses. To end the session a group shoot will take place. Each person should bring a pair of blue jeans and […]

Mother & Daughter Shoots

Spending time with mom is filled with joy, happiness and memories. Enhance those memories and step into your own unique and personalized Mother & Daughter photo shoot. You’ll receive professional makeovers along with a session with our professional photographer, Joseph. Your experience will include three to four outfit changes in multiple settings. Our photographer will […]